LOOK: There’s Mango Graham Taho and We are Intrigued!

Your favorite quick breakfast has just been reinvented. From regular taho, there has been strawberry taho and now, there’s Mango Graham Taho!

With the dawn of mango desserts upon us, it is fitting that a truly Filipino mango dish is now accessible to us. According to a post by Megan Flores Bueno, this cool new taho flavor is delicious!

Other netizens were quick to comment, stating that they have also tried it, and that they loved it.

LG Minda even shared a photo of the seller Mang Lando’s poster that he carries around. Apparently, you can order straight from Mang Lando on Facebook if you want to try it out, or you can place bigger orders for events and parties if you’d like.

Have you tried mango graham flavored taho yet?

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