LOOK: Man makes food arrangements for kids, they’re too cute to eat!

One way to get through someone’s heart is by his/her stomach. Levi Arnan, a Filipino now based in Korea with his family, decided to step up his game by creating cute food arrangements for his kids and posting these on Instagram.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Levi for further details.

“Lately, my wife started to go to work in an office. She used to do most of the things at home like cleaning the house, bring the three kids to school, cooking and preparing the family meals while I go to work. Now we share the workload. I prepare breakfast and she cooks the dinner. Kapag ako naman ang nasa work (When I go to work) I usually arrive [home] around 9pm.”

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He narrates how frustrating it is to feed children who refuse to eat. After thinking hard, he had a eureka moment.

“So on my first day being a “Mr.Mom”, I really had a hard time feeding the kids. I prepared cereal for them but they didn’t want to eat. Our two boys, Gabby and Potpot, were so bored eating their food. Sujin, our 2-year old daughter was even shaking her head saying “no” pag pinapakain ko (when I try to feed her). So sabi ko medyo frustrating pala magpakain ng nga bata. (I figured, it’s frustrating trying to feed children.) After bringing them to their elementary school and nursery school, I went back home thinking what I should do the next day.

I saw in one of my Japanese friend’s IG page that she prepared a bento meal (a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal) for her son. So nagka idea ako to make one for the kids naman. (I had an idea to make a similar meal for the kids). But I didn’t know how or had the right tools – but there were sushi rice molds for bento art to do the job.

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Levi also mentions that he has an inkling for designing.

I got a pair of scissors and kitchen knives and started to design. Ayun, so I just designed every breakfast.

Who is his inspiration for meticulously creating his food art? Of course, no other than his children!

Pag morning ang cute nila habang natutulog (They look cute sleeping in the morning) so I made rice balls, scrambled eggs shaped like blankets, sausages that looked like pillows and used bacon, boiled broccoli, carrots, cheese, kim (seaweed laver) and crab sticks to decorate.”

Ang saya kasi ang dami pala puede gawin. Nakaka enjoy din gawin. (It’s fun because the possibilities are endless, and I enjoy doing it as well.)  I just have to wake a bit early because it kind of takes time to do. It takes lots of patience and creativity.

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Levi is a pastor in a neighboring Filipino church in Seoul. His friends have seen his posts and even encouraged him.

One [of them] even suggested to make scenes from the Bible and make a book. Parang (like) panda sushi Bible.

“I think it’s a great way to bond with the kids.. parang fun time lagi pag breakfast (it’s usually fun during breakfast time). My wife bought me a panda sushi mold online to support my new hobby.

You can view more of Levi’s creations in his Instagram account.

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