LOOK: Malingap Central Food Hall’s Latest Addition is Ready to Add Sweetness to Summer

Words by Sophia Teaño
Photos by Salie Agustin

Located at Malingap Street in Teacher’s Village, Malingap Central Food Hall stands as an eye candy. From their murals to their chairs to their tiles, the place is bursting with colors that liven up the place. Unlike food parks, Malingap Central offers an enclosed air-conditioned venue for you to enjoy your food adventure. Although they do have an alfresco area too!

Check out what you can find in Malingap Central:

If you’re on a diet…

Comisario Quixote has a new item: Gindara Steak (P150), the fish seasoned with chili, olive oil, and garlic, served with beans and potatoes on the side.

If you’re looking for roast AND pasta…

go for C5 from Alfred’s Roast Beef (P219), which has roast beef, rice or ciabatta bread, and beef lasagna!

If you’re looking for something spicy…

go for Bulgogi Garden Noodle’s Kimchi Ramyeon (P220). It’s sure to give you a fiery experience! The ramen is served with kimchi and radish side dishes.

If you want something Middle Eastern…

Shish K Persian Cuisine has what you’re looking for. Their Shish-K Chelo Kebab (P130) is skewered ground beef served with rice, sure to fill you up!

If your taste buds are looking for something Mexican…

then go for El Sombrero Mexican Cantina. They have Chimichanga (P210) if you’re looking for something heavy, and their ever-popular Street Taco Chicharones (P160) if you want something light with a bit of crunch.

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If you’re craving for some wings…

Honey Butter Fried Chicken has it for you. Their Buffalo Wings (P250) is seasoned well and is balanced with the taste of their dip.

If you’re looking for good burger…

Sweet X Go is a definite must. Their Mom Burger (P130) won’t disappoint and their Double Cheese Burger (P215) if you’re going for something a little more extra.

If you want some Japanese snacks…

you can’t miss Hapitori. They have Salmon Belly (P65 ea) on a stick, and their Takoyaki (P129) is delectable up to the very last bite!

If you have a sweet tooth…

then don’t miss Taza Platito. Their Dulce de Leche (P120) is a sure treat that’ll hit the spot.


If you’re looking for something to beat the summer heat,

Malingap Central welcomes its latest addition—Manila Creamery! Manila Creamery offers gelato, but with a Filipino twist! The thick, creamy treat offers flavor that isn’t too sweet and highlights the ingredient of whatever you select from their menu.

One of their best sellers, Mangga’t Suman (P120 single scoop), resounds the traditional kakanin we’ve always enjoyed. A scoop brings you bits of the sweet sticky rice, complemented with the refreshing mango taste. The fruity flavor is perfectly incorporated with the creaminess of the gelato in every serving.

For something a little more adventurous, they have Salted Egg Cheesecake flavor (P120 single scoop)! Manila Creamery knows how to work that sweet and salty taste. The egg makes the treat rich, while the crust of the cheesecake adds texture to the gelato experience. The unbelievable way Salted Egg Cheesecake works makes you want to take seconds or thirds!

They also have offerings for their drinks, such as their Matcha Taho Shake (P180). Who would have thought of putting these two together? The matcha doesn’t disappoint, having that distinct green tea taste without the bitterness. The thick shake incorporates the taho smoothly into every sip, satisfying you up to the last drop. Their other shake flavors range from P160 to P180.

The store also offers other interesting flavors (price varies; P100 for regular flavors, P120 for premium) such as Thai Milk Tea, Tinutong na Kanin, and Black Sesame, among others, just waiting for you to try! With their premium ingredients and quality artisanal curation, Manila Creamery is sure to offer a flavor to help you beat the summer heat.

Malingap Central Food Hall

#40 Malingap Street, Teacher’s Village East, Diliman
Open Tuesday – Sunday from 11AM-10PM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/malingapcentral
Instagram: @malingapcentral


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