LOOK: LRT Railroad Tracks Reportedly Reinforced by Ropes

One of the major issues our government must fix is the implementation of road discipline and provision of quality, comfortable alternative public transportation for everyone. At the moment, Filipinos prefer to bring their own cars than taking the public transportation means like the MRT or LRT. Hence, the traffic.

manila traffic

Although, others prefer fast service than convenience.


If you have been following When In Manila, I am certain you’ve read heaps of MRT/LRT-related stories. Do you remember the graduating student’s video of his mala-Star City LRT ride?

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Well, another netizen shared a photo of LRT’s tracks being allegedly reinforced by ropes. Yes, you read it right – railroad tracks being reinforced with ropes!

LRT tracks on ropes

Isn’t it a shame for the LRT Management to allow these things to happen? When someone dies because of this, the LRT management would not be able to “band-aid” the pain of the bereaved family. So, please let’s prevent accidents by fixing things now.

“How come safety is being compromised?” I am sure LRT Management had seen this and will soon be fixed.

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