LOOK: ‘Lolopops’ Is the Cheerful Candyman Who Sells Lollipops in Pampanga

There are some people who sell things and do business not to earn a huge profit but simply to make a living.

Lolo Lito is one of those people, and to many, he is known as “Lolopops” because he is the cheerful candyman selling lollipops in Angeles and San Fernando, Pampanga.

I bet this hardworking lolo has made a lot of children happy with the sweets he sells and he has probably shared a thing or two about life to those who buy from him.

Recently, he is featured on ANC’s Mukha.

Watch the trailer below.

Here are some photos of Lolopops.

Lolopops (5) Lolopops (6) Lolopops (7) Lolopops (1) Lolopops (2) Lolopops (3) Lolopops (4)

***All credit to ANC and ANC Mukha. Our only goal is to get the word out and hopefully more people can extend help to Lolo Lito.

If you want to extend help, contact https://www.facebook.com/MukhaTV/ about Lolo Lito.

Thanks guys! Let’s help out.

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