LOOK: Local Brand Makes Swimwear For All Body Types

Written by Angel Merced

Some women tend to be too shy to show off their bodies, especially during the summer. It’s not really a matter of how you look, but more of what you wear. Swimwear gets too awkward to wear because what you mostly see in department stores tend to cater to a small range of body types. It’s either too small for your chest or too big for your hips. It’s either too long for your torso or too tiny for your thighs.

DSC 2342 CopyOne-piece Simara

Launched in March 2018, the goal of Alba is to make swimwear ready for any body. Alba Manila is a Philippine swimwear store that makes swimwear to accommodate all sizes. They believe every body is a summer body.

What Alba Manila does is to make a variety of designs that are versatile enough to accommodate a wider range of body types, making you look amazing in all of their swimwear.

DSC 2216 CopyBolina wrap top and Amaga high-waist bottom

All the designs are flexible enough to flatter any body type. The owners saw the importance of empowering the Filipino woman by teaching them to own and love their body.

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Alba Manila has swimwear the prioritizes both comfort and style. When a woman sees that she looks good, she immediately feels good. Alba Manila brings your confidence through their style.

DSC 2164Bolina wrap top and Amaga high-waist bottom

Alba Manila boasts a range of swimwear that you can easily pair up with anything. A few of my favorites are the Bolina, a wrap top that gives you full support, the Simara, a one-piece with adjustable straps, and the high-waist bottom called Amaga. Fun fact: their swimsuit names come from the names of Philippine islands.

DSC 2351 CopyOne-piece Simara as a tube

Their pieces are also very versatile and surf-safe! Take the Simara, for example, which can be worn in four different ways–with normal straps, with crossed straps, as a tube, and as a sleek backless one-piece.

What I love about Alba is that you can take from the shore to the streets. Just pair it up with denim pants or a skirt and transform your swimsuit into a trendy bodysuit. Get creative.

DSC 2246Laja top and Rasa bottom

Alba believes that every woman deserves to look amazing in her swimsuit, no matter her size or body shape! As someone who is very self-conscious about her body, I’ve found it impossible to wear swimsuits that will make me feel good about myself.

DSC 0185Laja top

Suffering from scoliosis has led me to be quite uncomfortable about wearing clothes that show off my body’s deformity. But, wearing Alba and knowing its advocacy for creating pieces for every body type made me confident in actually wearing swimsuits in public. Who cares if my body isn’t as straightened out as it’s supposed to be? These pieces made me feel good about my body. I’m sure it will make you feel good about yours, too.

So what are you waiting for? Feel confident in your summer body with Alba.

DSC 2292


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