LOOK: Liza Soberano Confesses She Has Cheat Days Too–This is her FAVORITE SNACK!

Liza Soberano 73Words by Matthew Mendiola
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It’s not every day you get to meet the most beautiful face in the world (The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017). Liza Soberano truly has a face that could launch a thousand ships, but what makes her so appealing is her genuinely sweet charm, her softspoken nature, and her infectious smile. She is a woman of such grace and class, a figure that young Filipina girls look up to, so it comes as no surprise that Nivea has selected her to become their latest brand ambassador.

Nivea recently launched the MicellAIR Skin Breathe Micellar Water and Whip Foam Cleanser, products which they pride themselves in as having 0% alcohol, promising users effective skincare minus the harmful effects of alcohol on the skin. We got to catch up with Liza and we asked Nivea’s newest face about her beauty tips and secrets.

The skincare products

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It’s no secret that Liza’s pretty face is one of her biggest assets, so skin is something she has to diligently take care of. Liza stressed that she wants her skin extra clean and that she wants to feel extra fresh so she uses the Micellar Water and Whip Foam Cleanser when she wakes up and also before she goes to sleep.

Diet and Exercise

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Of course, using Nivea’s products would work best only if one maintains a healthy lifestyle. The star of the primetime fantaserye Bagani and the titular role in the upcoming screen adaptation of Darna, Liza follows a routine schedule of rigorous training that involves weights, intense ab and cardio workouts, and even sparring in the ring. Hitting the gym, according to Liza, helps her maintain not only her superhero physique, but it also helps her keep better-nourished skin.

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The hardest part is dieting. Liza said that, as much as possible, she eats clean. She avoids oily food at all costs to prevent acne breakouts. But, it’s good to know that Liza is only human! According to her, every Sunday is her cheat day (yup, she has those too). Liza said that she’s a sucker for ice cream. In particular, she’s addicted to Cookies n’ Cream, her favorite flavor ever. Unfortunately for her, she happens to be lactose intolerant, so she would go for dairy-free options. In Liza’s words: “Dairy free ice cream is good, but dairy ice cream is A LOT BETTER!”

A Good Support System

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Liza has an incredibly busy schedule. She has to balance out taping sessions, training, modeling, and schoolwork. Liza even dreams of earning a bachelor’s degree amidst the craziness of show business, making her a true role model to look up to. Despite all the mayhem, Liza said she manages to stay sane because she has loving friends and family to turn to–people who make her feel beautiful on the inside.

Liza is an angel, and while many people consider her to be the living definition of beauty, Liza said that the concept of beauty shouldn’t be treated as something exclusive. She quotes the famous saying: “It’s in the eye of the beholder!”  

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