LOOK: Lightning Strikes In Caloocan And It Was Caught In Scarily Amazing Videos And Photos

It was a few nights ago when the rainy weather brought an intense thunderstorm in Metro Manila. It was possibly one of the worst I’ve seen lately. If you were outside during that time, you probably instantly ran for cover because the sky was literally lit. And not in the starry night way, but with lightning legit cutting through the skies and striking the ground.

Randelle Fajardo and Gel Yao was actually able to capture the moment that lightning hit a certain establishment in Caloocan City. In a Facebook post sharing the photos, Randelle says that they were stranded in a fast-food chain and so they decided to take videos of the thunderstorm outside.

Take a look at the videos and photos they captured:

To clarify, that video was a Boomerang that was caught at just the right moment.

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Randelle also advises people to always be ready for any type of weather and to constantly pray for safety. During thunderstorms like this, it’s really a lot safer to stay indoors and keep the use of electrical appliances to a minimum.

Kudos to Randelle and Gel for capturing such an amazing moment on camera!

Where were you during the thunderstorm? Share it with us!

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