LOOK: We Found Leather Shoes That Won’t Deform Your Toes

What type of footwear would you prefer to wear daily: flip-flops or shoes? Some people love the freedom that flip-flops give to their feet, while others prefer the stylish look that certain shoes have to offer. The thing is: you can’t wear flip-flops all the time, especially during formal events. On the flip side, a lot of shoes may deform your toes.

In fact, most men’s shoes (i.e. loafers, slip-ons, and sneakers) are designed to have narrow toe frames that deform the toes with their tight, limited space. Plus, the longer they’re worn, the more painful they become.

So, what pair can give you the freedom of flip-flops and the stylish look of sneakers without deforming your toes? We stumbled upon this amazing startup by Birchbury that designed leather sneakers for superior comfort. Say hello to Bramfords!

Bramfords by Birchbury is a stylish leather sneaker that features the following:

  • Soft Premium Leather that looks sleek with any outfit.
  • A Wide Toe-Box that give your toes their right to breathe.
  • A Luxury Insole that gives your feet the lightest feeling with every step.
  • Elastic Shoelaces that give you an on-the-go, slip-on style.
  • A Non-slip Rubber Outsole.

Matthew Tran, owner of Birchbury, is an avid flip-flop fan. After getting tired of constantly buying and looking for the best shoes for his feet; he gave up, did some research, and designed Bramfords.

It’s the pair that’ll save the day. Fortunately, Birchbury is now open for Bramfords pre-orders! If you want to learn more about Bramfords and grab your pair, visit their main website by clicking HERE.

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