LOOK: Lea Salonga Has Something To Say To Everyone Who Misspells Her Name

Lea Salonga has always been quite vocal about what she thinks about a lot of things–from politics to the music industry to taking photos of her child. The Tony-award winner and Disney princess IRL isn’t afraid to speak her mind. And she’s got something to say to those who misspell her name on a regular basis.

She took to Twitter to vent out her thoughts on being constantly renamed by people.

Her hilarious tweet got the attention of many fans, and their reactions are just as funny as the tweet itself!

Some loved the famous reference she used.

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Others began to realize that she was more than just a Broadway star.

This one had another spelling in mind.

Apparently, even karaoke machines have their own version.

Many of her fans knew the struggle of regularly having misspelled names as well, and it seems that Lea Salonga has had enough of it. So let this be today’s reminder that it’s “Lea” and not “Leah,” or “Lhea,” or “Hlea,” or even “Lheah Salonggah.”

What’s the most ridiculous misspelling of your name? Share it with us!

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