LOOK: Lady pays ~P1.5 million for parking, can only exit via car’s sunroof

lady sunroof parking 1

A lady from Nanning, a city in southern China, felt duped when she purchased a parking space worth 200,000 yuan (about Php 1.5 million) only to find out that it was not big enough for her to exit her car in a conventional manner.

In China, like in the Philippines, it is common to purchase parking lots along with a condo or an apartment unit since they usually come in a bundle.

However, in China, some lots can cost up to a million yuan.

The lady bought the parking lot in August but did not bother to check it out until recently, according to The Shanghaist.

The lot she bought was conveniently located near the elevator in the carpark. Unfortunately, it is located between a pillar and a wall. So, even if there is ample space for her car to enter, it is too narrow for the driver to exit the car through the door.

lady sunroof parking 2

So, as a workaround, the lady exits her car through the sunroof.

After learning about this, the lady tried to ask the developer for a refund. However, her request was declined since tax returns have been filed already. The developer suggested that she sells the parking lot to someone else instead.

Apparently, the lady is planning to pursue legal actions on this since local regulations stipulate that parking lots should have at least 60cm of space around it.

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