LOOK: Kobe Bryant opened a sports facility and we can’t wait to see what it has in store!

Kobe Bryant recently teamed up with Sports Academy to open his own sports training facility. The Mamba Sports Academy, as it is aptly named, is a partnership between the two. It aims to provide holistic athletic training, which it will be able to do so through the considerable facilities and programs offered.

The sports academy is said to occupy a 96,000-square-foot area in Thousand Oaks. It plans to hold five basketball courts, five volleyball courts, two beach volleyball courts, a turf field, batting cages, and pitching mounds. Aside from the usual suspects, Bryant makes his facilities even more interesting by adding an esports training ground, a biomechanics lab and a Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu school.

While it has just the one branch now, they are already beginning to look towards expansion. The press statement assures that they plan to open other facilities in Southern California. It also announces a vague completion date of January 2019.

Hopefully, this will all be enough to help Bryant reach his dream of “infusing the Mamba Mentality” into the lives of these kids. As he explains in a follow up to the press release, “Mamba Sports Academy is a natural expansion of my commitment to educating and empowering the next generation of kids through sports.”

We get a preview of what this facility has to offer in the video posted by Mamba Sports Academy. It also clarifies what Bryant means when he talks about the Mamba Mentality: “It’s casting curiosity, asking questions — how do I become better today than I was yesterday?” And Mamba Sports Academy offers the perfect platform to answer that and to practice the Mamba mentality.

All the different facilities and training centers look great. Which one do you wish you could train in? 


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