LOOK: Joshua Garcia’s Romantic Surprise For Julia Barretto Is The Dinner Date You’ve Always Wanted

Move over, all other teen love teams! JoshLia is yet again blurring the lines between reel and real with their latest kilig moment.

It all started when teen actress Julia Barretto reportedly got hospitalized last week.

And while a lot of fans were worried, it was quickly clouded over by kilig when Julia posted a handwritten letter from a certain “J”–possibly her leading man Joshua Garcia.


“J” says that Julia’s place isn’t in the hospital but in his heart, then asks her to “get well soon.”

If you think that’s romantic, hold on to your hearts because there’s more.

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After the actress got discharged from the hospital, Joshua surprised Julia with a romantic dinner date right in her house!

The TV/movie couple’s good friend Mark Coleta captured the whole thing on video and posted it on Instagram:


The video shows how Julia was smitten by all the rose petals and candles and the beautiful dinner set up by Joshua who was such a gentleman as he ushered Julia to their table.

Indeed, who won’t feel the kilig between these two?


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go looking for my own Joshua Garcia.

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