LOOK: Jinri Park is Now Engaged!

Korean personality and Pinoy Big Brother alumna Jinri Park is now engaged to be married!

Jinri made the big announcement on her YouTube channel where she posted a vlog introducing her husband-to-be for the first time.

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John, a Filipino by blood who grew up in Australia, answered a slew of questions from Jinri that her fans would like to know the answers to, such as how they first met, what his first impression of Jinri was, and how he fell in love with her.

They also showed in the vlog their adventures touring around Australia. It was at the end of the video when Jinri finally revealed that they were engaged.

“Guess what? I’m engaged! Beautiful ring! See, it’s so nice and unique. It’s Sapphire!” she gushed, showing off her engagement ring which she also posted a photo of on Instagram.

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“Thank you to everyone who sent their blessings to me and John!” she wrote in the caption.

“I’ve realized that the generic phrase ‘You just know’ when you ask couples how did you know he’s the one? Is so true. Everything just seems right and you have absolutely no doubt. That’s when you know he’s the one. The universe will make it happen in the most unexpected time and place.”

She also said in jest that although John was born Filipino, he “can’t speak Filipino for the love of his life” and that she was much better in speaking the language than him. “I make fun of him for that,” she joked.

However, she is beyond thankful to be marrying a Filipino. “I’m grateful I found a Filipino guy because I can always have a part of the Philippines, a place I called home with me in my heart,” she added. “Excited for this next chapter of my life.”

Watch the full video here:

Congratulations, Jinri!


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