LOOK: Jerry Yan Goes Topless in Episode 1 of ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’

‘Meteor Garden’ was HUGE when I was in high school, and all of my friends were divided: Team Dao Ming Si or Team Huaze Lei? I was on Team Huaze Lei all the way; but I must say that Jerry Yan, who played Dao Ming Si back in 2001, is looking mighty fine nowadays.

Almost two decades after the hit show ‘Meteor Garden’, Jerry Yan is now starring in a new series alongside Shen Yue entitled ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’; and we are definitely counting our lucky stars now that Jerry has appeared topless in Episode 1 for our viewing pleasure. Check it out:

Jerry Yan Count Your Lucky Stars

In ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’, Jerry Yan stars as an editor, who always has the best luck, while Shen Yue stars as a designer, who always has bad luck. You may watch the trailer of ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’ here.

Have you started watching the show yet? How is it for you so far? 🙂

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