LOOK: Jeepney Driver Makes His Passengers Shout “Darna!” To Make Him Stop

We’ve probably seen the wildest and most creative upgrades known to cars through our very own jeepneys. We’ve seen jeepneys become canvases for paintings, become legit KTV rooms, and even have its own theme (ie. a Hello Kitty jeepney).

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One netizen has recently spotted another jeepney with its own gimmick that has become viral all over social media. Shiara Estrada shared her unforgettable experience in this particular jeepney ride through her Facebook account.

In her post, she shows photos and videos of a jeepney with a sign inside that says: “Sumigaw ng ‘Darna!’ kapag bababa.” (Shout “Darna!” if you wish to alight.)

Basically, gone are the good old days when you can just shout “para!” to be able to alight. This jeepney driver truly stepped up the game with his gimmick.

Shiara shares in her post that she was truly nervous to scream the beloved superhero’s iconic name, but as proven by her video, she really did it!

I guess that’s one way to make your commute a bit more exciting. According to her post, the jeepney was spotted in Dagupan City.

What did you think of this jeepney driver’s gimmick? Have you spotted any other cool jeepneys around? Share it with us!

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