LOOK: Jason Momoa is being body-shamed for ‘Dad-Bod’

As you recall, body-shaming is still recurring and even our Queen Catriona Gray was called ‘fat’ by Thai Beauty Queen. Now, people are criticizing the Game of Thrones and Aquaman star, Jason Momoa, for what they call his ‘dad-bod,’ which is quite surprising as Momoa’s photo doesn’t really seem to show much change, for me, at least.

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The actor was on a vacation with his family, yet people still felt the need to make some fat-shaming jokes. On Facebook, as the magazine posted this story, some commented things like “Lmao he went from aquaman to dad bod faster then thanos snap!” and “his middle is looking a little doughy! Just sayin” and “someone needs to start lifting again…”

I personally think that most people should realize that movie and magazine depictions of bodies are merely just for show and these people are still people. They go to the gym if they want to and if they don’t, it’s not our place to shame them or anyone for that matter.

Sadly, even the men in Hollywood are given unrealistic standards like Momoa showing off an Aquaman body forever.

I hope he doesn’t have time for these trolls and stays busy as the Aquaman he already is in real life. Remember that time Jason Momoa Harshly Calls Out Fishermen Who Cruelly Cut Off Shark’s Tail?

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