LOOK: Japanese Mix- Art Painter Showcases Murals of President Duterte

Lately, I noticed people in social media shoot first before aiming. Others tend to believe shallow and even unverified information just to ruin the solidarity of our country. It got me questioning, #whereisthelove?

But, I stumbled upon a person – who is not even a Filipino – wholeheartedly support our President, Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte.


Her name is Ayumi Endo. Based on her Facebook fan page, she is a mix-art painter from Osaka Japan.


Her Facebook page showcases her paintings and murals of President Rodrigo Duterte.


Photo by James Racho

Here’s the reason why she supports President Duterte:

Thank you all for your kind words, it’s a great honor and privilege to support the President of the Philippines, I’m going to continue to support him and do my very best to show the Japanese people that the news about his bad reputation they see and hear are not all true.

That he is risking his own life for the good of his Nation.

Some people ask me why I idolize and support him, and I always answer with “some people idolizes singers and dancers, movie stars and sport athletes, but people don’t question them why. Asking me why am I idolizing a President that is risking his very own well being for the good of his country I think is just a question that doesn’t need any answer”

And sometimes they ask me, “why are you supporting a foreign leader?”

When you sing a song written by a foreign singer, do people ask you why are you singing and supporting a foreign artist?

I don’t understand why people find it hard to believe that I could be a huge supporter. Even though our country is different, I am a huge fan of President Duterte.


On her recent Facebook post, it appears she will be visiting Manila soon.

Truly creative and inspiring.

These are the stories that restore my faith in humanity. 

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