LOOK: James Reid’s Smartphone Has Four Cameras That are All AI-Equipped

Words by Matthew Mendiola

“I don’t get really impressed with designs anymore, but just from the first glance it’s really beautiful. It’s elegant, slick…I really like it.”

James Reid said that elegance is something he looks for in a phone. At the launch of HUAWEI’s latest smartphone in the Philippines, the HUAWEI Nova 3i, we watched as James unboxed the smartphone with a gorgeous iris purple metallic finish. James described, “It’s a nice radiant purple.” The new HUAWEI Nova 3i is an aesthetic spectacle with modern sensibility.

Visual appeal, however, isn’t the biggest come-on for the Nova 3i. What makes this phone so special is that it is basically a pocket-size camera. And not just any camera. The 3i has four AI-equipped cameras: twenty-four MP and 2 MP on the front, and 16MP + 2MP on the back.

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Artificial Intelligence

In addition to its ability to take high-definition photos, the HUAWEI Nova 3i makes use of artificial intelligence recognition to adjust a picture’s settings in real time based on the surroundings. Whether you’re taking a selfie or snapping pictures of food, landscapes, and other artsy things, the 3i captures the most professional-looking shots, fine-tuned to the kind of effect you want to achieve. It’s the phone Instagram users and photography enthusiasts have been waiting for.

James demonstrated how it works. As a guy who enjoys photography, James likes playing around and experimenting with his effects. Sometimes, he likes making the background blurred, called the bokeh effect, which could be easily achieved by setting the HUAWEI Nova 3i to Aperture Mode. Point it at your subject, then click. It’s that simple. If you’re in a dark place, you could still get the best possible picture with the 3i, as it automatically adjusts to your lighting scenarios. Turn on the Portrait Mode, select what kind of lighting works, and click! With this phone, you don’t have to be a professional camera buff to take great photos.

The best part is that you could still do editing and post-processing on the pics after you take them. James said that what he loves so much about the phone is that it’s incredibly user-friendly, and provides so much room for creativity.

Introducing: The Qmoji

Speaking of creativity, the 3i also has some pretty wacky features. Want to joke around with friends? The HUAWEI Nova 3i has built-in Snapchat-esque filters that range from cute to downright hilarious. James showed us his quirky side by demonstrating how to use the Qmoji, which reads and animates your facial expressions and transforms your voice to generate personalized 3D GIFs. You can look like a penguin, or a cat, or a bunny, or whatever avatar matches your idiosyncrasies. Unfortunately, a James Reid Qmoji doesn’t exist. Perhaps, HUAWEI can consider this next time?  

A smartphone for everyone

As fun as the 3i is, you can’t take more practical features out of the picture. While HUAWEI may be targeting a more millennial market, the HUAWEI Nova 3i has a little something for everyone. For online shoppers, the Nova 3i has made finding an item online incredibly hassle-free. It’s as simple as long-pressing an image or scanning an object, and the 3i will then reverse image search to find similar matches online. For gamers and anybody who needs to stay connected, the Nova 3i achieves rapid responsiveness, offering a smooth transition between 4G and Wi-Fi to provide a seamless experience, even when experiencing network delays. The 4GB Ram makes it no problem when you have several apps running in the background (seriously, this is THE multitasker’s phone). With 128GB ROM, the HUAWEI Nova 3i also has double the storage space compared to its predecessor, the 2i.

At a highly competitive market price at just Php15,990, the HUAWEI Nova 3i is definitely a steal, as it boasts specs that put its more expensive counterparts to shame. This is a phone that combines all the best features of Android phones, and packages them into a handheld device that is luxurious, ergonomic, and just plain awesome. If it’s a phone fit for James Reid, then it’s definitely a phone fit for you.

For a closer look, watch WhenInManila’s on-hand review here:

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