LOOK: Is This Dress White And Gold OR Blue And Black??

No, you are not going insane. Or maybe you are. Whatever the case, someone evil has taken to tearing down the Internet with this optical illusion…

Now tell us, what color do you see the dress as: white and gold, OR blue and black?!


Obviously, the entire WORLD is torn on this…

dress tumblr

It bothered the entire world so much that #TheDress was the number 1 trending topic today on Twitter!

dress twitter trending

Others have been complaining that they saw it as white and gold at first, and then changed to black and blue the next!!

Celebrities are ALL OVER this little conundrum:

dress twitter ellen screenshot

dress twitter bianca gonzalez

dress twitter taylor swift

So what’s the right answer… white and gold, OR blue and black??

A few have offered some science behind the illusion:

screenshot dress explained

But the experts at Adobe simply end the debate with this:

screenshot dress adobe

Team #BlackandBlue wins.

What do you see the dress as, white and gold or blue and black?! Share with us in the comments!!


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