LOOK: Is “Pastillas Girl” The New Yaya Dub?

When In Manila, it wasn’t too long ago that Maine Mendoza aka “Yaya Dub”, her Dubsmash videos and her eventual team-up with Alden Richards skyrocketed, all thanks to the wonders of the internet!

But now, it seems like social media has a new darling!

Pastillas Girl 4

Internet, have you met “Pastillas Girl”??

“Pastillas Girl” is Angelica Jane Yap in real life, a 21-year-old Mass Communication student who rose to online popularity with her #hugotnahugot “Pastillas” video!

As of today, “Pastillas Girl” has appeared twice on It’s Showtime, asking for love advice from Vice Ganda after her ex boyfriend supposedly left her for her best friend!

You can watch the video here:

After her guesting on It’s Showtime, it seems like the whole of Twitter lined up to be her “Pastillas Boy”!

Pastillas Girl Twitter 5

One netizen stood out however, Jess Verano Senido of Bacolod, who was invited by Vice Ganda to appear on the noontime show.

Pastillas Girl Twitter 4

Pastillas Girl Twitter 2

Pastillas Girl Twitter

But the road to Pastillas forever doesn’t seem that easy, with Jess facing some competition in the form of Topher, an audience member!

Pastillas Girl Jess Topher

However this kilig-fest is going to turn out, can we just all agree that “Pastillas Girl” is a stunner??

Pastillas Girl 3

Her eyebrow game is on point here.

Pastillas Girl 2

And here.

Pastillas Girl

And did we mention that she’s fit??

While AlDub is enjoying the peak of their popularity with new endorsements left and right, Pastillas Girl will definitely be one to watch!

What do you think of Pastillas Girl? Will she become another Yaya Dub or not?