LOOK: “Inumart” a Convenience Store that Only Sells Drinks and Pulutan is Now Open!

Written by Desa Desiree Tayting
Photos by Eunick Nobe

Undeniably, one of Pinoys’ favorite way to celebrate (or even when there’s no reason at all) is through an “inuman”! The many bars and restaurants in the metro can prove that. But to all those who are sick of pricey bars or just want a chill go-to inuman spot, here’s a news you’d like–the first-ever “convenience bar” in the country is finally here and it’s open 24/7!

What a sight.

Inumart, simply a combo name for “Inom” and “Mart”, features a convenience store where you can buy your drinks and food aka “pulutan”, pay for it at the counter, and, lastly, find a spot among their cute and colorful tables and chairs to begin your ‘inuman’ session. It’s like your typical convenience store setting, only it’s purely for drinks and pulutan!

Grab your drinks and pulutan, or as they call it, “Kanya-Kanyang Kuha/ KKK”

“Bayad Muna” at the cashier

And finally, “Pwesto” and enjoy!

What’s more amusing in its concept is the affordable drinks and items here compared to most bars in the metro. This convenience store slash bar will appeal to all kinds of classes. And no wonder why, because Inumart was born out of the creative ideas of Launchpad Group of Companies; the same creator of our favorite affordable and barkada-friendly bars such as Padi’s Point, Chill bar, and ChillTop!

You can borrow a drinking tower and mix your favorite barkada cocktails!

The delights Inumart gave us during our visit seemed endless! So far, this is the only bar we know where you can ask them to cook canned goods and even everyone’s favorite “pancit canton” for you for only PHP 5-10! Aside from that, you can also borrow drinking towers and pitchers from them for only PHP 10-20! Where else can you do this?

Purchase pancit canton from their mart and ask them to cook it for you for only P5!

They also have a menu of most of our favorite ‘pulutans’ such as pork liempo, barbeque, chicken wings, chicken gizzard and a lot more and pay for only as high as PHP100! We recommend you to try out their unique offerings namely ‘Kamatis Wrapped in Bacon’ and the ‘Sinigang Noodle Soup’ when we you need to sober up a bit. No further explanation necessary, take it from their names and find out how they taste!

Not a drinking session without isaw or other “pa-ihaws”, agree?

The iconic “kwek-kwek” and the must-try “Kamatis Wrapped in Bacon”

WIM Tip: Kamatis Wrapped in Bacon is really a must-try! Dip it in toyo-mansi! And oh, we also heard about Talong Wrapped in Bacon!

They serve Tonkatsu Ramen to sober tipsy you!

The tables they use are recycled. Some of them were old arcade tables, cotton candy carts, and even an air conditioner!

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that almost everything here is self-service. Don’t raise your hands for the next bucket of beer or ice because you’ll need to go back to their mart and buy what you need. The glasses are also available for you on the sides.

A table set-up idea for your next inuman session

That doesn’t end there. This bar’s really inviting not only because of affordable finds but also because a live band plays there every night!

In case your barkada is on a tight budget but needs to have an emergency drinking session any time of the day, you now know where to go!

And you don’t have to worry about safety here, too. Minors are not allowed to buy alcoholic drinks, guards, security officers and CCTV cameras are also all around the area. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your inuman!


#49 Tomas Morato, Brgy. Kristong Hari, Quezon City


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