LOOK: 7 Interesting Activities You Can Do When in Banana Beach Davao

banana beach davao city

Ultimately, the management made sure the safety of the guests is on point. Hence, the guidelines in every course. As you can see, the tour guide discussed the guidelines to us to ensure safety.

3. Firing

banana beach firing 2

Initially, I didn’t like the idea of trying this activity as I thought it was too violent for my little kids. But, I thought wrong. I was just suppressing their curiosity. So, instead of being narrow-minded, I decided to learn the basics.

banana beach obet

Fortunately, Sir Obet was there to supervise. According to him, most of the guests of Lanikai and Banana Beach Davao love this activity as it is addicting and uniquely memorable.

banana beach forest firing

One thing I’ve learned from sir Obet was to “aim first before firing.” Makes sense, doesn’t it?

4. Knife Throwing

Knife throwing is an art, sport, and a combat skill that everyone must learn. Otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself.

knife throwing banana beach

It took me 15 throws and I finally got one to stick!

Knife throwing banana beach2

But to Kuya, sisiw lang, eh! Ikaw na, Kuya!

Another exciting activity inside the Banana Beach is the:

5. River Cruise

Banana River cruise

The River Cruise is the most relaxing adventure you will experience at Banana Beach.

banana beach river cruise

Even though it rained, the beauty of the river was unexplainable. Nothing spectacular to see but it’s relaxing.

6. Food Trip!

The trip wouldn’t be complete without indulging in their addictive fresh meals! From breakfast to dinner, truly a dining experience you will never forget!

Banana Beach Davao

Banana Beach is located in Tagum, which is about 1.5 hours away from the airport. Having said that, they decided to procure their own vegetables, herbs, and more. They have their own farm of vegetables!

Banana Beach Davao Tuna Belly

This is their Tuna Belly. Yes, a healthy pile of greens with a perfectly grilled Tuna Belly.

Have you ever wondered how bananas are packed at a plantation?

Banana Beach Plantation

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