LOOK: Inigo Pascual Responds to Bashers on His Picture with His Father

Trolls have a special way of finding malice in mundane things, such as a photo of a man hugging his son.

At least that’s what happened when bashers left negative comments on a photo of Inigo Pascual, who is seen hugging his father Piolo.

The photo was shared by Piolo’s assistant Moi Bien, after the older Pascual returned from a trip to England.

After posting, bashers left malicious comments.

Haters stay hatin. Thanks for everything pa! Missed you! #Dinaminproblemakungmayproblemakayosapicturenato ????????????✌????️

A photo posted by Inigo Dominic Pascual (@iminigopascual) on

Inigo decided to repost the photo on Instagram, with the caption: “Haters stay hatin’. Thanks for everything pa! Missed you.”

He also used the hashtag ##Dinaminproblemakungmayproblemakayosapicturenato or “its not our problem if you have a problem with this photo.”

Piolo reposted the photo, adding, “Love you son :)”


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