LOOK: HS student gifts girlfriend a “thesis” of their relationship for 3rd Anniversary

Couples tend to come up with different ways of showing affection and love for their significant others. Oftentimes, when they hit milestones in their relationships, they tend to go all out, or go beyond the extra mile. For this case, a high school student from Santiago City, Paolo Lumanlan, surprised his girlfriend a thesis of about their relationship as an anniversary present, to which he entitled, “Observation and In-depth Analysis of the Effects of Natural and Phenomenal Factors to Two Body Systems and their Co-independent Properties”. Yes, complete with background, review of related literature, graphs, references, etc!

The recipient, 18-year-old Shaira Daludado, took it to her Twitter account her significant other’s sweet gesture.


Sharya Stark Tweet

Daludado shares to WHENINMANILA.COM that she and Lumanlan have been together since the 9th grade. Both of them hail from Isabela, and are current students of Philippine Science High School – Cagayan Valley Campus.

She describes her relationship with Lumanlan as “young love”.

“Last December 15 was our last day in school this year. He handed me out this envelope with a folder in it. It was our Christmas party yesterday and our anniversary is really today, (December 17), but we had to celebrate yesterday since we both had to go home.

Of course, I was super surprised and amazed nung nakita ko yung research paper.

But, it wasn’t the first time kasi that Paolo did such a creative and major thing.”

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How did Daludado initially react to Lumanlan’s gift?

“I was expecting to see a research paper on relatostatics, some word he invented and a theorem he was trying to prove. He told me he was working on a topic since he leisurely wonders so much about almost everything. He further explained that he was trying to measure how introverted and extroverted a person is, and he wanted to interview me as part of this.

Of course, I did not hesitate, since he was so enthusiastic about it. The least I could do was to support him with whatever he does!  So yeah, when he handed out that envelope, I kind of assumed na he was going to put me in his acknowledgments or something. I was surprised to have seen my name on the ‘Presented to’ part! Syempre, kilig factor was there, super naiihi ako and I really wanted to hug him.

However, we were still on school grounds, and we had rules there. So I just thanked him and handed him his present in return.

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As for our gifts, we really try to be creative as much as possible. I gave him two notebooks full of “Open When” series during our first anniversary, and for our second, I had this crazy idea of giving him a jar of nothing since he told me he didn’t want anything else. I also write a lot and am actually a part of our school paper, so it was not new for him to randomly receive love letters and poems from me. However, this year, I saved just enough money from my allowance to buy him a new pair of rubber shoes!”

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Aren’t they the sweetest? Stay strong, lovebirds!

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