LOOK: Hozier is Finally Releasing a New EP Since 2015 and I’m Already Sobbing

Words By: Carinna Reyes

Hozier is back and he’s ready to take us to church once more. Since we last heard him with his Live In America EP back in 2015, we were all pretty much left hanging as to when Irish singer Hozier would be back to rip our hearts out again with more of his songs. Much to our surprise, he has answered all our prayers in a Facebook post of a photo with his writings on it.


The post read: “Thrilled to announce my new EP ‘Nina Cried Power’ will be released on September 6th. Can’t wait to share these songs with you. Much thanks and much love, Hozier.”

A few days after that, he also updated his fans on Twitter and expounded on what they can expect from his upcoming EP:

I don’t know about you, but I’m left with more questions and excitement over this news. Who’s Nina? Why did she cry power? What kind of power did she cry for?

One thing’s for sure, she won’t be the only one crying on September 6.

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What do you think will Hozier’s new songs be all about? Share your thoughts in the comments below!