LOOK: How Much Did It Cost To Watch A 1960s Beatles’ Manila Concert?

How much did it cost to watch a Beatles’ Manila concert in 1966?

To get a patron seat, 50 pesos apparently!

Philippine Concerts posted a vintage photo of a ticket and price listing for The Beatles’ one-night-only concert in Manila, which had some very interesting rates.

The Beatles played at the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium, and the cheapest seating, from the Grandstand to the Field Section was at 5 pesos.


The Beatles’ Manila concert on July 4, 1966 was memorable as it would be the first and last time the legendary band set foot in the Philippines — the Marcos administration declared the band as “persona non grata” after they unintentionally snubbed a courtesy call at Malacañang organized by First Lady Imelda Marcos. As a result, the band’s hotel and transport accommodations were dropped, and police protection disappeared as well. After having to manually carry their own instruments to the airport and getting mobbed at the airport, the Fab Four vowed to never return to the Philippines again — John Lennon even said, “If we go back, it will be with an H-bomb. I won’t even fly over the place.”

Even if things turned sour at the end, at least The Beatles were able to grace us with their music at least once in their lifetime!

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