LOOK: How a ‘UP Sablay’ is created!

UP SablayPhoto on left from Miguel F. Camacho, right from Tsard Chua

With graduation season coming around the corner for our Iskolars ng Bayan, there is no doubt that students bound to march this upcoming June have been waiting for the day to don the UP Sablay. ‘Sablay’, translated from tagumpay, or ‘triumph’, is just a fitting sash for the students of the University of the Philippines that have completed their studies at the country’s state university, in which they wear on graduation day.

Facebook user Tsard Chua took it to his account how the UP Sablay is being created, paying attention to the minor details of the weaved sash.

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He captions:

#tsardventures INSIDER: This is how every single UP SABLAY is painstakingly made of sweat and blood by the hands (and feet—because they use a pedal loom) of indigenous Igorot, Abra and Apayao weavers who work on them 8AM to 10PM (14 hours) daily.

For every sablay, a weaver makes a commitment to the one who will wear it. It is a gift of love made for UP graduates. Not all who wore their Sablays know how it was made, or where it came from.

Next time you post your graduation photo thanking everyone who has been part of your University life, don’t forget to thank the weaver who made your UP SABLAY. They deserve the acknowledgment, as much as you deserve wearing the Sablay.

#supportindigenous #appreciateindigenous #loveindigenous

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Let us continue to support our art, culture and our indigenous groups!

Long live our very own weavers, and congratulations to University of the Philippines – Diliman’s graduating batch!

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