LOOK: His Family Sold Their Refrigerator And He Had The Most Hilarious Passive Aggressive Response

Most of us will probably agree that having a refrigerator in the household makes life a whole lot easier. Got leftovers? Put it in the fridge. Saving that chocolate bar for later? Put it in the fridge. Thirsty for some ice-cold water? There’s definitely some in the fridge.

I currently don’t have a fridge where I live, and it is difficult–especially when I love to eat and cook. So, I can totally understand that the sudden absence of a refrigerator can cause a minor breakdown.

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Kim Maravilla Bituin shares a few screenshots of her brother’s reaction to the family’s group chat when he realized that their parents sold their refrigerator.

Take a look:

fridge storyPhotos from Kim Maravilla Bituin

“Sana pag-uwi ko may TV parin tayo.” (When I get home I hope we still have our TV.) “MA WAG YUNG COMPUTER AH!” (Ma, not the computer!)

Those lines really got me laughing out loud!

fridge story 2Photos from Kim Maravilla Bituin

Those leftovers in the fridge are honestly the bigger issue.

fridge story 3Photos from Kim Maravilla Bituin

He even got sentimental! Lol! I genuinely hope he gets a new fridge real soon.

You can check out more screenshots of his rant here.

How would you react if your parents suddenly sold the refrigerator? Share it with us!

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