LOOK: ‘Hipster’ Nativity Set

The Philippines is probably the only country that celebrates the festive season the earliest and the longest! It has been a conventional tradition for every household to decorate it with such colorful and wonderful sparkling lights and lanterns.

But, since we are basically living in a web-centric world, would you dare to level up your decorations to something relevant like this ‘hipster’ nativity set?


This hipster nativity set is made perfectly for millennials, according to “If It’s Hip, It’s Here,” online shopping website.


As you can see, if the birth of Jesus Christ happened in this day and age, it would be illustrated exactly like this: Man-bunned Joseph taking a selfie and Mary posing with her Starbucks.


The Three Kings using their Wall-E inspired Segways carrying gifts.


As described on their website, the farm animals with whom Baby Jesus shares the stable is solar-powered. Furthermore, 2016 is all about wellness, so it showcased an organically, gluten-free, grass-fed beef!


Personally, I laughed out loud as I would’ve never thought of making these things. What a clever remark, hey!

This modernized nativity set is available on this site for $129.99.

Would you buy this hipster set?

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Photos and descriptions by If It’s Hip, It’s Here.