LOOK: Hershey’s Launches Carrot Cake Kisses

LOOK Hershey's Launches Carrot Cake Kisses 45

Did you get a kiss on Valentine’s? If not, Easter may be your best bet as Hershey’s announced that they launched carrot cake flavored Kisses for the celebration.

Photos spread on Reddit, followed by photos taken by netizens of the chocolate spotted on grocery shelves.

LOOK Hershey's Launches Carrot Cake Kisses 2

Photo / Reddit

NBC News confirmed the news with the company, who said they will be sold exclusively at Walmart for $3.24 (roughly P139.32) for a nine ounce bag. The foil is orange, and when you open it, the chocolate is orange, too.

Kisses have been manufactured by Hershey’s since 1907. It has been said that are called Kisses because of the smacking sound the machine makes when creating this uniquely shaped sweet. The company has two factories, and both make 60 million Kisses each day.

The classic flavor is milk chocolate, but Hershey’s produces variants and limited edition flavors.

If you have any relatives from the US flying in for the summer, you know what to ask for!

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