LOOK: Here’s Your Best Defense Against Cough During Flu Season

It’s flu season, and more and more people are getting sick. But what keeps us from resting fully is the irritating cough especially during night time. Luckily, we found a medicine that is effective and has Zinc!

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We have tried so many cough medicines in the market but some just wouldn’t work for us. Unilab’s new Solmux Advance Suspension worked wonders for us and got rid of our phlegm easily.

This over-the-counter cough remedy is available in syrup and has a soothing mint flavor. But what is the difference between this new formulation from its predecessor? Solmux Advance Suspension has double Zinc content and enhances the effectiveness of Carbocisteine for your cough.

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Leevan Fong, the Brand Manager of the Solmux line, shares, “Our extensive studies showed the incredible synergy between Carbocisteine and Zinc in combatting cough with phlegm. This propelled us to introduce Solmux Advance—the pioneer cough medicine in our country, and perhaps the entire world, fortified with the power of Zinc.”

According to Unilab, the new formulation significantly reduces cough symptoms in just 3 days and fully get rids of the cough in 5 days. In our experience, our cough usually lasts for at least 7 days but when we tried Solmux Advance Suspension, it’s gone by its 5th day. But of course, this also varies depending on the severity of your cough or if you have other underlying illness or infection that needs to be treated.

Carbocisteine’s unique ability to loosen phlegm, making it easier to expel, combined with Zinc’s vital role in fortifying highly active cells, like those of the immune system, create a perfect  combination for respiratory wellness.