LOOK: Here’s Where You Can Have Instagram Story Filters Customized

Instagram is definitely something many of us use and many brands are creating Instagram story filters to engage more people. If you are looking for a company that creates Instagram story filters, Sunday Studios is the one for you.

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We first found Sunday Studios in November of 2020 and after a few days of coordinating with them, they were able to create an Instagram story filter. What we love about the process is that we had the creative freedom in conceptualizing the filter. They collaborated with us in polishing the filter and add suggestions that made our Instagram story filter better.

The Sunday Studios

According to Sunday Studios, they can execute concepts from filters to games or quizzes, beauty filters, AR packaging and etc.

Since Instagram story filters are not yet being optimized by many brands, it’s your chance to jump into the trend. It is an interactive element for Instagram stories and it encourages interaction to increase engagement.

Sunday Studios