LOOK: Here’s How You Can Get the New iPhone XS with FREE 15GB Data Every Month

Written by: Cris Echeverria

The new iPhones are out!

Last October 26th, an excited crowd gathered at World Plaza, BGC for Smart’s launching of the newest, biggest, and best performing iPhones yet—the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Fifteen loyal and very lucky Smart customers got the surprise of their lives when, instead of getting the iPhone unit they pre-ordered, Smart upgraded them to the most expensive iPhone variant—the 512 GB iPhone XS Max.

But for the rest of us, before you rush to your favorite gadget stores, take a look at these awesome iPhone plans first. After all, when it comes to the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, you need to shop Smart.

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Smart iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max plans:

iPhone XS (64GB) for P3,299 a month + FREE 15GB data

You’ve been eyeing this handsome devil from the day its launching was announced. Now, it can be yours for only P3,299 per month for 24 months.

But because it seems like Smart likes to surprise its customers, apart from getting your 64 GB iPhone XS, the P3.229 monthly plan also comes with an added 15GB data. That’s 10GB video streaming on videos on YouTube, iflix, Fox+, and iWant TV, with the other 5GB allotted for all websites and apps.

On top of those, you also get unlimited texts to all networks and 60 minutes worth of calls to all networks each month.

iPhone XS Max (64GB) for P3,599 a month + FREE 15GB data

Get your hands on the bigger and the best iPhone out there yet—the iPhone XS Max, for only P3,599 per month for 24 months.

With the same perks as with the plan P3,299, you also get a bonus 15GB monthly data for 10GB video streaming on YouTube, iflix, Fox+, and iWant TV, 5GB for all websites and apps, unlimited texts to all networks, and 60 minutes calls to all networks each month.

A much more affordable upgrade

If you’ve always been eyeing the new iPhones ever since they were first announced, this is your chance to get your hands on them. Smart’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max plans are much more affordable than other network’s.

You get a big discount when you avail from Smart. Other networks offer the new 64GB iPhone XS at a total of P86,376 for the device and plan, while Smart offers it for only P79,176. That’s over P7,000 difference! The 64GB iPhone XS Max device and plan, on the other hand, costs P92,976 total in other networks, but you can get it at only P86,736 from Smart, a difference of over P6,000.

Plus, if you can’t afford the hefty cashout for the device, Smart offers an amortization which allows you to pay the cashout on installment through your monthly bill. Convenient, right?

Smart iPhone XS

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