LOOK: Here’s A Kori Kohi Kit You Can Enjoy At Home

We all miss hanging out at our favorite cafes and getting to try everything in the menu. But with the pandemic, we all found ways to get our coffee fix, whether by making them at home or following a recipe we found online.

But did you know that you can now get your own Kori Kohi kit that you can enjoy at home?

Prominent Coffee Manila, a cafe in Quezon City is known to sell and serve specialty coffee that they source. From there, Prominent launched their Milk bar where they infuse milk with different flavors like Butterball and Cereal Mik.

Their Koro Kohi drinks are perfect to pair with their signature chunky cookie.


Making your own Kori Kohi is quite easy because you just have to follow the instruction packet wrapped in your bottles.

Their Milk are available in different flavors like butterball, cereal milk, chocnut, and vanilla milk. You can also opt to order extra milk bottles so you get a taste of their selection.


What we loved about the base coffee for the Kori Kohi kit. With Prominent’s specialty roasts, we got a taste of quality coffee that they serve in store and through deliveries.


We have tried the cereal milk and butterball which are two of their best sellers. According to the instructions, you should warm the mik before pouring it over to the coffee cubes but you can also opt to pour in cold milk.

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Prominent accommodates walk-ins and online orders for pick-up and deliveries. They are also available through Food Panda. During GCQ, they will start accepting dine-in customers with strict safety protocols.