LOOK: A Heap of Garbage was Spotted Behind Harrison Plaza This Morning

What is happening to our country? The Philippines has so much beauty to offer, but when photos like this pops up, it opens up a question: why don’t we take better care of it? The photo below was taken by Maku Felix behind Harrison Plaza just this morning.

In the caption of the photo, she says, “It’s more fun in Manila ba kamo? Baka pwede namang instead of fixing roads that didn’t need fixing in the first place eh ayusin sana nila yung mga ganitong problems?” [Did you say it’s more fun in Manila? Maybe instead of fixing roads that didn’t need fixing in the first place, they can fix these kinds of problems?”


Maku clarifies that she doesn’t know what is happening there or what happened to make the trash pile up that much, but she points out that she has noticed a couple of road widening projects near the area, like Malate and Pasay. “Most of the roads they were fixing didn’t need to be fixed,” she states. “Sana inuuna nila yung ganitong problems.” [I wish they had focused on these kinds of problems first.]

Maku honestly thinks that a little goes a long way when it comes to problems like this. “If only Filipinos would stop throwing their trash everywhere,” she muses. “Kahit yung balat ng candy man lang, sana ibulsa nalang kesa itapon sa kalye. :)” [Even just candy wrappers; put them in your pockets instead of throwing them on the streets.] At the very least, let’s all try to be more mindful of our trash and help make the Philippines a more beautiful place. 🙂