LOOK: Happy pig rescued from flood invokes hilarious Photoshop battle

Happy pig is happy.

This photo of a pig being rescued from a flood has caught the attention of the internet. Hence, it has started a hilarious Photoshop battle among the creatives in social media.

On the original photo, you can see the pig being rescued by two men from a knee-deep flood. As the pig is carried to safety, you can see him smiling from ear to ear.

happy pig 1

Photo from: u/sahri4feedin via reddit.com

From Reddit’s r/photoshopbattles, here are some of the most hilarious photos edited using the happy pig photo. Take a look.

Faceswap! (by shopdude)

happy pig 4

I’m Batman! (u/artunitinc)

happy pig 2

You are free! (by u/avisioncame)

happy pig 3

Hmmmm… (by u/funkyjunk)

happy pig 5

And then it got dark real quick! (by u/mixsaffron)

happy pig 6

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