LOOK: Halo-Halo Served at Coachella!

LOOK Halo-Halo Served at Coachella

Looks like it’s not just Filipinos who are craving for halo-halo: festival-goers at the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival are also falling for the summer treat of shaved ice served with evaporated milk, sweet beans, jello, and fruits.

The halo-halo in Coachella was served by Isa Fabro, a Filipino-American part of Unit 120, a group of chefs who experiment with Filipino fusion cuisine. Unit 120’s halo-halo keeps the essence of the dessert, and upgrades it with coconut milk, soft tofu, boba, ube paste and Fruity Pebbles.

Fabro’s halo-halo was well-received, with rave reviews from Los Angeles magazine and LA Weekly, and from festival-goers, who commented on the photo from Coachella’s Facebook page. Comments ranged from familiarity and pride from Filipino users, and curiosity and amazement from foreigners.

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