LOOK: This Guy Photoshops Himself with Filipino Celebrities

What do you do for fun to pass the time? Edgar Torres, Jr., a 27-year-old graphic artist from Sta. Cruz, Laguna, photoshops himself with his celebrity crushes.

Although a self-proclaimed fan of Pinoy showbiz, Edgar admits that he doesn’t have the patience or the energy to go on road trips and fight his way through a crowd of fans to get pictures with his crushes.

Since he loves all things related to entertainment and since his job is related to graphics anyway, he thus decided to add himself into photos and posters with his favorite celebrities. “Mas madali ko kasi silang makabonding dun kaysa bumyahe pa at makipagsiksikan sa mga fans nila para makapagpapicture,” he jokes.

Edgar says he hopes to make people laugh with his edits and to spread good vibes. He adds that he could have easily added himself to celebrity photos without making them funny, but he says “mas maganda pag hinaluan ng comedy yung scene. Yung pagtingin nila sa picture, may makikita silang kwento. Gawing comedy ang isang serious na larawan.”

Edgar adds, “Hangga’t madami pong natutuwa sa mga edits ko ay patuloy pa din po akong magpapatawa. Kasi aside sa napapatawa ko yung mga tao through dun, naeenjoy ko din para sarili ko yung editing, yung fulfillment pag nachachallenge mo yung sarili mo. Para kasing adventure din yung process ng editing, trial and errors hanggang makuha mo yung idea na nasa utak mo.”  If you enjoyed Edgar’s edits, make sure to follow him on Instagram at @ejrarts21 🙂

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