LOOK: Goldberg Returning to the WWE? It Could be Happening!

Bill Goldberg, or simply Goldberg as wrestling fans know him, is an American football player turned professional wrestler for World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He has multiple championships under his belt, an undefeated streak of 173-0 in the WCW and a championship run and feuds in the WWE. Goldberg is indeed one of the most missed in-ring performers after leaving the WWE mid-2004.

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However, upon the release of the WWE 2k17 game, it can be noticed that Goldberg is part of the roster. This could mean he will be making a return in the WWE real soon since Sting did, just last year. To make this speculation a little more believable, Paul Heyman, the so-called advocate for the Beast Brock Lesnar, has been calling out Goldberg to a one-on-one match, anywhere, any time, any place anytime. In case you missed the challenge, here’s a video from WWE Raw episode, October 10, 2016:

Brock Lesnar and Goldberg has locked horns once at the grandest stage of them all, at the 20th edition of Wrestlemania, as Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar in an exhibition match. This challenge by Paul Heyman is later on answered by a tweet posted by Bill Goldberg. Here’s a screen shot of his actual tweet:


Who’s NEXT in Goldberg’s list? Are you excited to see Goldberg back in the WWE? Drop your comments here and let us know!


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