LOOK: Gadgets and Accessories You Can Get At up to 75% Off

Already itching to go on a shopping spree yet again? Or maybe there are some items and gadgets in your home workstation that needs to be replaced? It’s a great time to shop ’til you drop because electronics, gadgets, and accessories are on sale right now!

You can get the latest in electronics and gadgets for up to 75% off on Lazada. Here are some of our recommendations:

10. Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

vertical mouse 1

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This ergonomic vertical mouse is a must-have if your wrist and hands are aching because of long hours working on your computer. This particular mouse is designed to help keep your hand stay in a more comfortable position while you work, preventing any pain or any further complications. Buy this ergonomic vertical mouse at 63% OFF here!

9. Metallic Power Bank

metallic powerbank

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This stylish power bank is made out of metal, making it extra sturdy and heavy-duty. It also has a capacity of 6000mAh which will help you keep your gadgets charged wherever you are. The disk-shaped design of this power bank also makes it less bulky and more convenient to bring around. Buy this heavy-duty power bank at 78% off here!

8. Magnetic Phone Holder

magnet phoneholder

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In need of a new phone holder for your car? Why not try something new and get this magnetic phone holder? Just stick this holder onto your dashboard, and you can easily prop up your phone for your navigation needs. We know how it can be a struggle to use those normal phone holders with clamps. This magnet phone holder just might make your life easier. Get this magnetic phone holder for only 95 pesos here!

7. Wooden Phone Stand

wood phonestand

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If you’re looking for something that can match your natural wood aesthetic, then this wooden phone stand is a great option. It’s a pretty straightforward product. It’s a stylish and sustainable option for a workstation phone holder. Plus, you can also use this for tablets! Buy this wooden phone stand for only 137 pesos here!

6. Pastel Bluetooth Earbuds

pastel earbuds

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Looking for colorful gadgets? Check out your choice of pastel-colored Bluetooth earbuds here! These earbuds have noise-canceling features to spare yourself from distractions during work hours. It’s also designed to fit snugly in your ears, keeping them from suddenly falling out. There are 7 gorgeous colors to choose from. Get your pastel-colored Bluetooth earbuds at 44% OFF here!

5. Power Strip Box with Cable Management

power strip

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If your workstation needs a whole bunch of additional sockets thanks to the many gadgets you need for work, you should get this power strip box with cable management. It features five power sockets and 3 USB ports, essentially giving you 8 more slots! This power strip also has a stylish box that helps keep your cables out of sight and your station clutter-free. Get this power strip box at 58% OFF here!

4. RGB Desk Mat

rgb deskmat

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Planning to add more RGB lights to your workstation? Get this RGB desk mat! This extra-large version of your normal mouse pad offers more coverage so that it accommodates even your keyboard. This desk mat is lined with RGB lights which can be customized according to color. Get this RGB desk mat for only 242 pesos here!

3. WiFi Range Extender


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If there are spots in your home that struggle with your WiFi signal, you should have this WiFi range extender. In this work-from-home era, it’s important to have a steady and stable internet connection at all times wherever you may be in your home. Buy this WiFi extender at 77% OFF here!

2. Soundbar


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You’ll enjoy streaming the newest movies and binge-watching your favorite shows with this soundbar. This soundbar offers excellent sound quality and long battery life, making it perfect for your future road trips, too. It also features a minimalist design that would look awesome in your living room or your workstation. Buy this soundbar at 70% OFF here!

1. Smartwatch

smartwatch 1

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If you’ve been planning on getting a smartwatch for months now, this is the time for you to finally make the purchase. This stylish smartwatch features 90 sports modes, offers heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and even hydration reminders. Not only will you have a stylish smartwatch on your wrist, but it will also help you achieve that healthier lifestyle this year. Get this smartwatch at 43% OFF here!

To see more electronics and gadgets on sale, check out Lazada here!

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