LOOK: Gab Valenciano’s birthday greeting to father Gary will melt your heart

Gab Valenciano poured out his heart into a birthday message he wrote to his father Gary, who just turned one year older on August 6. Alongside Gab’s heartfelt message was a throwback video from his childhood where he was showing off his dancing moves while his father cheered him on.

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“Happy happy birthday to my very own superhero,” Gab began. “Thank you for raising me the way you did. Not a lot of people know how much you sacrificed for us. Thank you for making me understand the value of excellence at such a young age, something I will bring with me for the rest of my life. Being your son is such an honor and I hope and pray I could be the same with my future children. I love you so much, Papa. May all your greatest dreams and desires come true.”

Gary, touched by his son’s message, shared it on his own Instagram account.

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Addressing Gab, Gary wrote: “I will never forget how you would just come to the studio in the attic and go all out when you’d hear a beat playing. I miss those days son. I love you so much son. Thank you for reminding me about these precious moments back in the day.”

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We are touched beyond words by this beautiful father-and-son love.

Happy birthday, Gary V!

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