LOOK: Full Metal Alchemist’s Second Trailer Is Out!

Here’s a good news for all the anime lovers out there!

One of the classic animes that captured our hearts is getting the live action treatment. Yup, last year, they announced that the Full Metal Alchemist live film will debut on summer this year. However, according to recent news, the movie will be released this December instead.

I’m telling you, based on the trailers that they have already released, it is looking really good. The first trailer was released late last year and seeing Alfonse and Edward Elric in the flesh in that 50-second trailer will send goosebumps all over your body and will bringing back some of the best childhood memories that you had.

Last April 7, they released the second trailer and it is way more intense than the first. We can see the scene where the young Elric Brothers were trying to bring their mother back to life.

I know that we are all wishing the live movie will do justice to the anime series that we loved.

Are you looking forward to the movie too? Tell us in the comments!


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