LOOK: French Free-diving Champion Shares Breathtaking Photos Of His Dive in The Philippines

Guillaume Nery is a French free-diving champion who currently holds multiple world records, and with his his accomplishments, it’s safe to say that this free-driver has already seen a lot of majestic sights within the waters.

The other great thing about it is that he shares what he sees with the whole world whenever he goes free-diving through breathtaking photos. And it is so incredibly fortunate that one of his latest destinations was the Philippines.

Guillaume visited the country for a few days to free-dive with traditional free-divers/spearfishers. He was able to amazingly capture the glorious beauty that was hidden beneath the waters. Take a look at his photos below:

These photos actually serve as unofficial behind-the-scene stills from their project, One Breath Around The World.

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As much as these photos give the whole world a chance to see what beauty the Philippines can offer, it actually does more than that. It shows us all a culture that should be valued and given much importance and recognition, especially by us fellow Filipinos.

You can check out the full album here.

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