LOOK: Food Stand Gets Real About Half-Rice

LOOK Food Stand Gets Real About Half-Rice


A lot of Filipinos go on diets, and one of the more popular ways to lose weight is to eat only “half-rice” during meals. But the concept of half-rice varies as some restaurants serve only a few spoonfuls while others serve a heap and call it a half serving.

This photo of a food stand and its reminder gets real about its half-rice serving and the dieters who complain about it. It has been going around social media for quite a bit, but we’d like to remind those people who are going on a diet for the holiday season.

According to the sign:



Konti lang po talaga ang half-rice!

Diet ka tapos gusto mo madami ang rice mo! Amazing!




The half-rice serving is really small!

You’re on a diet and you want a lot of rice! Amazing!




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