LOOK: Filipinta’s Diwata eyeshadow palette is so dreamy–and it’s only PHP 680!

Photos by Althea Catipon

When we think of fairies or spirits we think of pastels and pinks, things a little on the lighter side of the color spectrum. But I didn’t always agree with that. I always thought: What about the earthier, deeper colors? That made more sense to me, especially here in the Philippines with our unique mythology and folklore. Well, if you think like me, worry not! Filipinta Beauty has us covered with their Diwata palette!

With an array of earthy browns, bright oranges, and stunning greens, this is the perfect representation of the Philippines’ diwata. These colors remind me of lush forests and strong mountains, something our most famous diwatas guard and protect. Which is perfect and totally on point. We loved the colors in this palette and how they worked seamlessly with the two glosses, too–aptly named Maria Makiling and Maria Cacao.

So pretty!

And with names like Hinilawod, Mayari, Devata, Acacia, etc. we can’t help but feel a swell of pride in our own mythology and how beautifully it’s been represented. Philippine mythology is so rich and the richness of this palette has definitely shown that!

Look how pigmented <3

The shadows themselves are so soft and buttery and they blended like a dream. It really put a new spin on the word “dreamy”–from the shades to the feel, it’s every makeup enthusiast’s dream come true! They were so easy to use and so so beautiful that they inspired bold, fun looks right away.

And we can’t believe the price point–it’s only PHP 680! Filipinta Beauty is really here to bring quality makeup for us Filipinas at affordable prices! And the number of beautiful looks you can come up with are countless. You can go per row to create some looks or mix and match. Makeup has no rules–you make your own rules as you go!

This stunning palette also goes perfectly with their two lip glosses. Maria Makiling is the perfect shade for us Filipinas, its nude tone a little different from most nude glosses to perfectly go with our skin tones. Maria Cacao is a metallic gloss that looks gorgeous on anybody–and it goes with any eye look you create with this palette (whether you go for the bright orange or the deep green or anything!).

So what are you waiting for, fellow makeup enthusiasts? This is definitely a staple if you love bright colors but also need your neutrals. This is, without a doubt, something I never knew I needed until I had it. <3 Grab your own palette ASAP because it’s gorgeous.

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