LOOK: Filipino Community Gives Singaporean Government a Giant Parol


Photo by Jerrick Asinas


It’s halfway through September and even if Christmas is still months away, the holiday season is already picking up speed in the Philippines. After all, the Christmas season here lasts from September to January (in fact, I came home last night to our Christmas tree already set up).

And it looks like we’re spreading the holiday cheer as the Filipino community in Singapore has sent the government a giant parol as a gift.

The parol measures four meters, and is made from fiberglass, a departure from the traditional ones made of bamboo sticks and colored paper.

According to the Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM), “the gift to Singapore will mark the first time the country is exhibiting a lantern made out of fiberglass and on a large scale outside the Philippines.

The parol was shown at the the Love, Light and Living Festival, a showcase of cultural activities. Besides the four-meter version, 10 one-meter versions are displayed outside the ACM.


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