LOOK: Fil-Am Technopreneur Makes Millions with Snapchat Deal

Fil-am technopreneur Garrett Gee made $54 million after selling his company Scan Inc. to Snapchat.

Gee, a local from Utah, has been traveling the world as well and documenting it on his blog, The Bucketlist Family.

Although he is born and raised American, Gee is known to love adobo and pancit. He is also a fan of halo-halo. Gee’s mother is from Manila while his father is American. He said that he grew up having her mom cook “enough for the whole town”. Then, she would invite everybody to the feast.

A few weeks back, Gee visited the Philippines. He shared about this visit on Instagram.

He seemed to enjoy traveling in Palawan…

…and Bohol.

This is awesome, right? What do you think?

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