LOOK: Everyone Got Crazy in Color at Holi Festival 2018!

Written by Jerenze Cuaki
Photos by Patricia Dennise Chua (@ptricia.chua)

Have you ever been splashed with colored powder at a Holi Festival celebration? If not, here’s what you’re missing!

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For its sixth edition, the Holi Festival 2018 was held at the north side of SM by the Bay in the Mall of Asia complex.

Guests participated in the Holi countdown, visited booths like Rangoli and dined at food concessionaires that served yummy Indian cuisine.

In India, the Holi festival marks the beginning of the season of colors, springtime, which also signifies triumph over evil. Despite getting splashed with colored powder and ending up with a rainbow-painted face, it is actually meant to cleanse yourself from worries and trials in life. Color means unity, and without it means chaos.

Here’s the round-up of events at the 2018 Holi Festival!


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The highlight of the festival was the first-ever Holi Countdown which was done thrice during the event. Everyone threw colors in the air while dancing and jamming to the beats of Indian music! It was like a spectacular rave party, but with a twist of color!


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Guests unleashed their creative side by embellishing their rangoli artworks with colored powder, in a mosaic-like form!


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Guests also partook in putting cool henna tattoos with beautiful and artistic Indian designs.


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Dancers from the Movement Dance Studio showed off their moves in belly dancing, traditional and disco styles, while popular Indian dance group Desi Matters intensely captured everyone’s hearts with their Bhanga dance choreographies!

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What’s was your favorite colorful moment last Holi Festival 2018?

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