LOOK: Even The Flood Can’t Stop This Vendor From Selling Taho

Most, if not all Filipinos, can attest that taho is life. I mean, an early morning in the Philippines won’t be complete without sipping a cup of this steamy hot goodness of soft tofu, arnibal and pearl sago paired with the sweet smile of a grateful taho vendor.

And while taho sounded like a good idea given the rainy weather recently, it was perfectly understandable that our suking magtataho was missing in action. Well, not this local vendor from Village East! Despite the storm and flood, Manong Domeng carried on with his daily routine of selling taho around the neighborhood.

(Photo courtesy of Angelica Ysais)

As Frederic Buenaobra shared on his Facebook post, “Mad Respect for manong domeng who still sold taho yesterday kahit sobrang baha na sa area namin. Since bata palang ako sobrang sipag na niya. Kaya nagulat ako kasagsagan ng malakas na ulan naririnig pa namin pagtawag niya. Kudos to you sir!”

We salute you, Manong Domeng! May your perseverance serve as an inspiration and at the same time, a reminder to all of us that while we are enjoying the #cuddleweather, a lot of old-aged people are out there braving the weather in order to provide food for their families.

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